Surrender yourself to luxury

Maintenance Manicure


Cuticle care, hand massage, and polish.


45 minutes                                                   $25.00

Spa Manicure


Cuticle care, hand exfoliation, paraffin treatment,

hand and arm massage, and polish.


60 minutes                                                    $35.00

Gelish Manicure


Preforms like a Gel, applies like a polish.  Nails are completely dry and you don't have to worry about smudging your beautiful polish.


Lasts up to 7-14 days                                  $35.00


Gelish w/ Tips                               $45.00

Gelish w/ Removal                             $42.00


French Polish                                      $5.00

Nail Art                                                $3 per nail

Paraffin Hand Treatment               $15.00

Paraffin Foot Treatment                 $13.00

Paraffin Elbow Treatment             $8.00

Longer Massage                                $1 per minute